Learn How to Do a V-Dribble

Posted on Feb 2, 2023 by Dribbleup Academy

In this article, we'll explain how to perform a V-Dribble, why it's effective, and how the Dribbleup Smart Basketball combined with practice drills in the Dribbleup mobile app can assist in learning this move.

preview of Basketball coach teaching young players how to do a V-Dribble with the Smart BasketballBasketball coach teaching young players how to do a V-Dribble with the Smart Basketball

The V-Dribble is an important starting move for kids to practice in order to help them learn how to change direction effectively with the basketball.

This is a foundational drill that is more advanced than the Pound Dribble but less advanced than some other moves like the Killer Crossover or Butterfly Dribble.

Here's a quick guide on how to perform the V-Dribble:

  1. This move starts with the ball on the outside of your dominant hand. Make sure to be in a good basketball stance with your knees bent.

  2. To execute the move, push the basketball across your body as if you were doing a simple crossover dribble.

  3. Then, instead of catching the basketball with your non-dominant hand, stop the ball again with your dominant hand, pulling it back to the position you started in.

  4. Continue to push and pull the ball back and forth with your dominant hand. The basketball will look like it's moving in the shape of a "V", hence the name.

  5. Make sure to practice the V-Dribble with both hands separately to improve your weak hand dribbling skills as well.

It's important to note that the V-Dribble is not just a move to change direction, but also to create space. And we all know the key to basketball is creating space!

When executed correctly, the move can be used to create that much-needed separation between you and your defender, allowing you to get to the basket or make a pass to an open teammate.

How the Dribbleup Smart Basketball can help

Practicing the V-Dribble consistently will lead to more precise ball handling and better body control. The Dribbleup Smart Basketball, paired with coaches in the Dribbleup app, is a great tool for your kids looking to improve their ball handling skills.

Coaches in the app will walk your kids through a variety of drills that can be used to improve ball handling, footwork, and body control. After demonstrating the move, your kids will then mimic the coach, attempting to hit green targets on the screen quickly and accurately.

As your kids continue to practice, they'll be able to hit the targets faster and generate more reps, climbing the leaderboard against other athletes in the process! Additionally, the app also provides feedback on speed and amount of reps, which can be helpful in identifying areas that need improvement.

Get game-ready with Dribbleup

With over 6,000 reviews and a 4.7/5 star rating (as of 2/14/23), your child will love practicing at home with this training tool. So grab the Smart Basketball today and have them join a live or on-demand practice session to start learning the Butterfly Dribble. Membership separate (auto-renews monthly at the applicable fee) and gives you full access to all training content on the App for up to 6 members of your household.

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