Learn How to Do a Killer Crossover Dribble

Posted on Jan 30, 2023 by Dribbleup Academy

In this article, we'll explain how to perform a Killer Crossover Dribble, why it's effective, and how the Dribbleup Smart Basketball combined with practice drills in the Dribbleup mobile app can assist your kids in learning this move.

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The Killer Crossover Dribble is a beginner move that can be used on the court to get past defenders and create scoring opportunities. The move involves changing direction and using quick footwork to leave the defender off-balance. It's often referred to as a "killer crossover" because of its ability to "kill" or stop the defender's momentum and create an opening for the offensive player to move freely up the court.

Here's a quick guide on how to perform the Killer Crossover Dribble:

  1. To execute a proper Killer Crossover Dribble, you should start by dribbling the ball with your dominant hand, making sure you have a good, balanced stance with your legs wider than shoulder length apart and with your non-dominant foot slightly in front.

  2. Next, dribble the ball between your legs to your non-dominant hand, shifting your weight to that side.

  3. Finally, bring the ball around the front of your non-dominant leg and complete a normal crossover back to your dominant hand.

It's super important for your child to keep their eyes up during moves like this, as they might have a tendency to look down at the ball. This allows them to see their defender and their teammates further up the court. As your kids get older, being able to hit open players with a strong pass will be extremely important, so keeping their eyes up is an essential habit to learn early on.

One of the reasons why the Killer Crossover Dribble is so effective is that it allows the offensive player to change direction quickly and unexpectedly, which can cause defenders to lose their balance or overcommit to one side. Additionally, the move can be used to create space, which is a key part of basketball.

How the Dribbleup Smart Basketball can help

To practice the Killer Crossover Dribble, players can use the Dribbleup Smart Basketball and Dribbleup mobile app. Trainers in the Dribbleup app slowly walk your kids through the basics of the move in live and on-demand video sessions.

There's also instant feedback on-screen showing your child whether or not they're using the proper technique and counting their dribbling reps for them so they can climb the leaderboard against other kids. The app also includes a variety of other drills and training exercises that can be used to improve ball-handling skills and help kids work hard to increase their dribbling speed and improve their weak hand.

Get game-ready with Dribbleup

With over 6,000 reviews and a 4.7/5 star rating (as of 2/14/23), your child will love practicing at home with this training tool. So grab the Smart Basketball today and have them join a live or on-demand practice session to start learning the Butterfly Dribble. Membership separate (auto-renews monthly at the applicable fee) and gives you full access to all training content on the App for up to 6 members of your household.

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