Learn How to Do a Pound Dribble

Posted on Feb 2, 2023 by Dribbleup Academy

The Pound Dribble is a basketball move that involves bouncing the ball forcefully against the floor with one hand while maintaining control. This move is the foundational dribble to learn when first starting to play basketball.

preview of Young girl learning to do a pound dribble with the Dribbleup Smart Basketball.Young girl learning to do a pound dribble with the Dribbleup Smart Basketball.

The Pound Dribble is a simple beginner move for kids learning to play basketball. It's all about learning how to control the ball and keep possession while having the eyes look up.

Here your kids will learn a lot about the basics of dribbling: how the ball feels and behaves and understanding the pressure and force to apply to each bounce. Even though this move is simple, it's the foundation for all basketball dribbling techniques.

Here's a quick guide on how to perform the Pound Dribble:

  1. To perform the Pound Dribble, hold the ball in your dominant hand.

  2. Then, start to bounce the ball against the floor in front of you with enough force to bring the ball all the way back up to where your hand was.

  3. Continue to bounce the ball with force. When you feel comfortable enough to look straight ahead (not down at the ball) while maintaining control for multiple dribbles, you'll be performing the move correctly. Do not rely on your other hand for help.

  4. See how many dribbles you can do in a row while maintaining that control and not looking down at the ball. Keep practicing until this feels very easy to do.

  5. Then, repeat the steps with your non-dominant hand. Being able to control the ball with both hands is key for future success in basketball games.

How the Dribbleup Smart Basketball can help

It's important to note that practicing the Pound Dribble will take time and consistent effort. It's a building-block skill that requires a lot of repetition, so it's important to stick with it and practice regularly with both hands!

Additionally, it's important to practice in game-like situations, such as simulated defensive pressure, to be prepared to use the move in a game.

Even though the Pound Dribble can be intimidating for young players just starting out, the Dribbleup Smart Basketball helps make it simple. Trainers in the Dribbleup app slowly walk through the basics of the move in live and on-demand video sessions.

The Dribbleup app also tracks your child's dribbling stats, such as speed, and amount of reps, and provides feedback to help improve their skills. The app has a variety of drills, including ones specifically designed for the Pound Dribble, that you can use to build a foundation of basketball skills to take from the living room to the basketball court.

The Dribbleup Smart Basketball also works with tons of basketball classes and programs taught by elite virtual coaches on the Dribbleup App. These coaches teach new classes every day as well as provide countless training tips and new drills, which can help develop your touch and feel for the ball on the court.

Get game-ready with Dribbleup

With over 6,000 reviews and a 4.7/5 star rating (as of 2/14/23), your child will love practicing at home with this training tool. So grab the Smart Basketball today and have them join a live or on-demand practice session to start learning the Butterfly Dribble. Membership separate (auto-renews monthly at the applicable fee) and gives you full access to all training content on the App for up to 6 members of your household.

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