What is Dribbleup?

Posted on Mar 28, 2023 by Dribbleup Academy
preview of A young girl practices at home with the Smart Basketball.A young girl practices at home with the Smart Basketball.

What is Dribbleup?

It started with two brothers at a kitchen table in Brooklyn, New York. 

One excelled at athletics, and the other was into robotics. They realized that if they combined their passions, they could build sports products that could transform a young athlete's game by helping them improve their dribbling skills at home. That’s how Dribbleup was born. 

Dribbleup is a sports and technology company that invented the Dribbleup Smart Basketball and the Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball. These products work with a mobile app that tracks each ball's movement and records progress in real-time. Taught by elite virtual coaches, these dynamic classes help kids focus on the fundamentals of basketball and soccer.

But at its core, Dribbleup is a family company that makes products to support families and their love of sports. 

preview of A young boy practices at home with the Smart Soccer Ball.A young boy practices at home with the Smart Soccer Ball.

How Dribbleup helps kids get better at sports

Parents are always looking for ways to give their kids a leg up. They want to give them opportunities to develop their skills, confidence, and self-discipline. But the costs of different leagues, private lessons, trainers, and special equipment can ADD UP FAST!

Having something that can help kids get their touches in at home without breaking the bank is a lifesaver.  Dribbleup fills that gap with at-home training designed to grow with an athlete. It can help a beginner learn the basics and a more advanced athlete build elite skills. 

Dribbleup Smart Soccer Balls and Smart Basketballs are high-quality, game-ready, and come in different regulation sizes. What makes them unique is how they work with the Dribbleup mobile app.

The app uses your device's camera to track the ball's unique coloring and design to give real-time virtual feedback as your kids compete in hundreds of drills taught by virtual, professional coaches. All from your living room, garage, backyard, driveway, or any other flat surface where kicking or bouncing a ball is safe.

preview of A young girl checks her score on the Dribbleup app.A young girl checks her score on the Dribbleup app.

The Dribbleup app feels like a game

With a huge library of on-demand classes and new live sessions available every day, there are always new challenges to take on. Repeat the same class a few days in a row to lock in a move or mix things up and learn something new. 

The app uses augmented reality and computer vision technology to give your child targets to hit by moving the ball with their hands or feet. Each target hit counts as a rep, and each rep means they are improving and getting better.

Plus, the app includes a Dribbleup leaderboard, so they can compete against other players; the more reps they get, the higher up the leaderboard they climb. 

Another cool thing about the Dribbleup app is how it can track progress over time. It takes repetitive practice and turns it into a game kids love playing. You won’t have to take away their screen time anymore because they’ll be moving and keeping active.

preview of A young boy practices at home with the Smart Basketball.A young boy practices at home with the Smart Basketball.

Families love Dribbleup

Between the fun kids have using Dribbleup, the focused training it provides, and the results you can see in games, there is no doubt as to why families love Dribbleup. 

It’s even something you can do together. Imagine the smile on your kid's face the first time they beat your rep count. Spending time playing with your kid is a great way to help them build strong habits and positive connections to the sport.

Plus, it’s fun and you'll get to spend more hours bonding with your youngsters. So pick your sport below and try it out!

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