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What is a Smart Soccer Ball?

Posted on Mar 14, 2023 by Dribbleup Academy
preview of Learn more about why the Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball is so smart!Learn more about why the Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball is so smart!

What is a Smart Soccer Ball?

A lot of kids out there loooove soccer! But as parents know, there are only so many instances of kicking the ball up and down the stairs, against the wall, against the bed, and between their legs screaming “megged" before things start to get... a little much 😅. That’s where the Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball comes in.

“So what is a Smart Soccer Ball?” Well, besides for a ton of relief from balls bouncing all across the house, it’s a training tool that kids can use to get better at soccer by getting their touches in between practice sessions. 

The Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball feels just like a regular, high-quality ball. It can be used in both practice and games, along with training at home when connected to the Dribbleup app. There’s no need for batteries or connecting it to wifi. And it’s not a cheap toy either; it’s a high-quality ball in Size 4 or 5, depending on your child’s age.

preview of Hit the green targets on screen to get more reps and climb the leaderboard!Hit the green targets on screen to get more reps and climb the leaderboard!

Making a Smart Soccer Ball 'Smart' 

What makes it “Smart” is the unique coloring and design that allows it to work with the Dribbleup mobile app. Once the ball is scanned into the app, kids can start to get in their reps in live or on-demand practice sessions. It’s really fun to watch!

Using computer vision technology, the camera on your phone or tablet tracks the Smart Soccer Ball’s movements. At the same time, a coach on screen teaches kids new moves, touch combinations, and leads them through exciting drills — like an augmented reality video game!

The camera tracks the Smart Soccer Ball's movements and shows real-time video of your child on-screen doing the drills.  The app places targets on-screen for them to hit by moving the ball around with their feet.

Your kids get points when they hit the green trackers or targets with the ball. Each time they hit the target, it counts as a rep.  The more reps they get, the higher they climb on the Dribbleup leaderboard!

The Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball is very much like having a personal trainer come to your house whenever your family wants... but without breaking the bank! And because there are so many drill combinations and lessons for different skill levels, your kids can constantly learn new things and level up. 

preview of Young kid getting better at soccer by practicing with the Smart Soccer BallYoung kid getting better at soccer by practicing with the Smart Soccer Ball

A few things to love about a Smart Soccer Ball

Gamified Training

We've heard from many parents that doing Dribbleup drills are almost as fun as playing video games. Kids can get exercise, improve their touch, and feel like they're playing a game all at the same time.

Results on the Field

Your jaw will drop open the first time you see your kid use a drill from the app in a game. “That’s from Dribbleup!” is something we hear all the time. And it’s not just the more difficult moves, the Smart Soccer Ball helps kids stay calm with the ball and have more confidence and control. Instead of kicking it as hard as they can and hoping something good happens; now, kids can play with their heads up and look around for teammates to pass to.

A Quieter House

Playing with a ball inside the house might seem like a foreign concept to you now, but with the Smart Soccer Ball, it's a great way to get in some positive screen time. In a more controlled environment, things are less likely to get knocked off a coffee or kitchen table. Plus, kids can use it in the backyard just as easily. The difference is focused touches in a drill instead of just kicking it against the wall. 

One-on-One Style Training

Team practices don’t afford a lot of time for one-on-one attention. But with a Smart Soccer Ball, kids can get virtual feedback by tracking their progress in the app. They can see exactly where and how they should use their feet and strike the ball. As they repeat drills, they can see themselves getting better. Their touches will get faster and mistakes fewer.

preview of Learn new skills at home to take to the soccer fieldLearn new skills at home to take to the soccer field

Why the Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball?

Improvement in soccer comes through touches on the ball. There simply is no replacement. Consistently using the Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball makes those extra touches easy and fun. Your kid's skills will certainly improve, along with positive changes in their confidence and attitude.

So if you want to see some improvement on the pitch, a few more goals, or just less huddled ball chasing, give the Smart Soccer Ball a try today!

From your living room to the soccer field!

With over 4,500 reviews and a 4.6/5 star rating (as of 3/14/2023), your child will love practicing at home with this training tool.

Click here to grab the Smart Soccer Ball and join the Dribbleup fam today! Membership separate (auto-renews monthly at the applicable fee) and gives you full access to all training content on the App for up to 6 members of your household. Access to limited app content only without the Membership.

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