Learn How to Do an Inside Sole Roll

Posted on Jan 30, 2023 by Dribbleup Academy

In this article, we'll explain how to perform a Soccer Sole Roll, why it's effective, and how the Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball combined with practice drills in the Dribbleup mobile app can assist in practicing this skill.

preview of Young child training with a soccer ball in his yard.Young child training with a soccer ball in his yard.

A soccer Sole Roll, also known as the "sole of the foot roll," is a fundamental move that allows players to control the ball with precision and ease. This move is particularly useful for players in tight spaces, as it allows them to quickly change direction and maintain possession of the ball by using the bottom of their foot. Really anytime you use the sole of your foot to change direction, you can use this term. For this drill, we'll focus on the inside Sole Roll.

Here's a quick guide on how to perform an inside Sole Roll:

  1. The first step in performing this move is to position the ball slightly in front of your dominant foot.

  2. Then place your dominant foot on top of the ball and roll the ball inside toward your non-dominant foot.

  3. As the ball rolls along the sole of the foot across your body, stop the ball with the sole of your non-dominant foot (meaning your foot will be directly on top of the ball).

  4. Once the ball is stopped by your non-dominant foot, then repeat the process back toward your dominant foot. Do this over and over again to practice speed and control.

NOTE: You should be standing in place for this drill, essentially flicking the ball back and forth quickly with one foot off the ground at all times. The faster you roll the ball, the more reps you'll get in!

What makes the Sole Roll so effective?

The soccer move allows players to quickly change direction and maintain possession of the ball while they move around the field. When in tight spaces, this move allows kids to avoid defenders and decide where to go with the ball next. Additionally, practicing the Sole Roll is a great way for young athletes to increase their dribbling speed and improve their ball control and footwork.

How the Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball can help

Coaches on the Dribbleup app assist players in practicing this move with a variety of live and on-demand videos and drills. Combined with the Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball—an app-enabled soccer ball that connects to a smartphone or tablet—the app provides players with real-time feedback on their ball control.

By hitting targets on the screen, your child can track their speed, direction, and the number of reps they've completed. The app also includes a variety of other training drills and exercises for children of all skill levels.

The Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball works with tons of soccer classes and programs taught by elite virtual coaches on the Dribbleup App. These coaches teach new classes every day as well as provide countless training tips, which can help develop your touch and feel for the ball on the field.

Get game-ready with Dribbleup

With over 4,000 reviews and a 4.6/5 star rating (as of 2/14/23), your child will love practicing at home with this training tool. So grab the Smart Soccer Ball today and have them join a live or on-demand practice session to start learning how to juggle a soccer ball. Membership separate (auto-renews monthly at the applicable fee) and gives you full access to all training content on the App for up to 6 members of your household.

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