What is Dribbling in Basketball?

Posted on Apr 8, 2023 by Dribbleup

Dribbling is a fundamental move in basketball. It can be best described as bouncing the ball around the court with your hand. This allows players to move the ball down the court, evade defenders, and create scoring opportunities.

For young basketball players, it's crucial to learn good dribbling fundamentals. Being able to dribble effectively unlocks the two main things a basketball player wants to do on the court: assist on baskets and score points. But it’s not easy to master. Improving one’s dribbling skills ability requires practice and repetition.

Beginners can start by bouncing the ball in a stationary position (the pound dribble). This helps your child get a feel for the ball and build confidence. But this technique alone may not be effective against tough competition. That's why it's important to build on this skill with other dribbling techniques.

Below are a few dribbling tips for beginners to keep in mind when getting started.

Tips to improve your dribbling skills

Dribbling in basketball can be done with either hand (dominant hand or off-hand), using different parts of the hand to control the ball. Here are some tips for beginners to improve their dribbling skills. 

Tip 1: Use your fingertips

Dribbling with your fingertips gives you control and precision when moving the ball. This allows speed and quick reactions when necessary. 

Tip 2: Don't use your palm 

Using your palm to dribble the ball is a common mistake. It provides less control and makes it easier for defenders to steal the ball. Instead, focus on using your fingertips to maintain control and precision.

Tip 3: Keep your head up

This can be challenging for beginners, who are usually tempted to watch the ball while dribbling. Keeping your head up while dribbling lets you see your teammates, anticipate defenders, and find scoring opportunities. You can develop this skill through practice and repetition, gradually becoming more comfortable dribbling with your head up.

Tip 4: Use your off-hand

This one takes practice too, but it's a crucial skill. Dribbling with both hands lets you change directions quickly and avoid defenders. Practice dribbling with your off-hand until you feel just as comfortable using it in a game situation as you do with your dominant hand.

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